Build Your Body 4 Week Challenge: Week One, Build Your Fitness


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Build Your Body 4 Week Challenge | Week One 

The Ultimate Fitness Test With Coach Hunter

The Challenge: You have to complete all three of these in one week!

Test One

Max Distance Run in 10 Minutes

Trail Running/Walking

Warm up with a jog and stretch, when you feel primed its time to go!

1 set, 10 mins

Elite Score: 2 miles (two 5 minute miles)

Test Two

1.5x Body Weight Max Bench Press

Bench Press

I weigh 200lb. I need to do this at least once to pass the test. If am in Herculean shape I would aim for 3-5 reps. This test is meant to see your absolute strength. Grab something heavy then shove it away from you with as much strength as possible.

1 set, 1-5 reps

Home Version: 3 minute Pushup test – chest to floor, full lock out at the top. Top level score – 40 per minute

Test Three

2K Row Test


This is an incredible strength endurance test. Every muscle in the body is working to accomplish this test. If you can excel in this than you are one of the toughest athletes on the planet.

1 set, 2 km

Goal score: 6:00 minutes. This is the US national team qualifying time. Athletes all over the country try to hit this number, if you can then you are a gym monster.

Home version – 6 minute Sumo deadlift high pull – get two dumbbells 50/35 men women’s weight. Dumbbells must touch the ground each rep, full lock out at the top with dumbbell at chin level. Top score 20 per minute – this is 12000 lb moved in 6 minutes!

If you don’t hit your goals then take 8 weeks to train before retesting again 🙂

Build Your Body 4 Week Challenge | Week One 

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