My 2020 Bodybuilding Competition Prep Routine | Rob Lipsett


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Here is everything I will be doing for my upcoming Mens Physique show, hope you find it interesting and apply some things to your own routine! Enjoy

Personalised Calories / Macros (90 Day Shred):

3 Day Full Body:–body-split/

4 Day Upper Lower:

LPP Routine:

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1:00: My previous competing history

1:42: Diet / Calorie Deficit talk

2:20: Maintenance Calories

3:15: How much of a deficit?

4:00: When to change up your diet?

6:37: Meal Frequency

7:54: Refeeds

9:05: Macronutrient Intakes

11:25: Calories vs Macros

12:20 Training

13:30 Strength loss on a cut?

15:30: HIIT vs LISS?

16:50: NEAT

18:03: Sleep

19:12: Stress Management

19:48: Drinking And Going Out

22:10: Environment

22:55: Routine

23:40: Tracking macros

24:45: Goal setting

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