???‍?Healthy Vegan Meal Prep Ideas #1 (Female Bodybuilding & Fitness)??


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In this video I share a sample meal prep ideas that I personally prepare and eat as a vegan.


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Please keep in mind this is NOT a COMPLETE nutritional plan or everything I eat in a day. I eat as much as I am hungry for and usually have a protein smoothie post workout (which adds a little over 25 g protein to my day). I will be making an update fitness video soon where I talk about how I am eating and training currently.

These are just healthy and quick meal prep ideas I like making for myself. If you have any Questions, feel free to ask me and I am happy to help.

Here are the APPROXIMATE MACROS for each portioned meal (1 serving)
NOTE: EAT ACCORDING TO YOUR GOALS. Adjust macros and portions as needed.
1.) Meal 1: BUFFMonkey PB Chocolate Oats
– Calories: 574
– Protein: 22.8g (add more protein powder or PB for higher protein)
– Carbs: 95.8g
– Fats: 13.8g
2.) Snack (optional) – Feel free to eat more food or add some fruit as well 🙂
– Calories: 127
– Protein: 4.6g
– Carbs: 19.6g
– Fats: 4.0g
3.) Meal 2: Lentils with Sprouted Quinoa & Rice
– Calories: 380
– Protein: 25.4g
– Carbs: 78.6g
– Fats:4.3g
4.) Meal 3: Sweet Potato, Quinoa, & Beans
(this can be split into smaller portions or you can swap this & meal 2 if you prefer)
– Calories: 577
– Protein: 22.8g
– Carbs: 91.3g
– Fats: 15.6g

NOTE: Something else I want to clarify is that I don’t always eat these BACK TO BACK. Sometimes I make a completely different meal using the meal prepped foods, but adding other things like TOFU or other varieties of vegetables.

If you want to see more MEAL PREP videos and more from my fitness journey – HIT THE THUMBS UP BUTTON and I will definitely put my focus where my viewers demand it 🙂

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My last what I ate + booty workout : https://youtu.be/kst2PoC6PEY
FREE MEAL PLAN : https://youtu.be/5Frk_3hYXHc (part one. see my channel for pt2 and pt3)

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