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Your calves need a little of everything to grow: Heavy weight, high reps, short rest, and most importantly, solid programming to tie it all together. This is going to hurt, but don’t worry—it’ll be over soon!

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Let’s face it: Despite our best efforts, some body parts simply grow at slower rates than others. It can feel like this is just because they’re stubborn or you’re cursed, but the answer when it comes to the calves is far simpler.

Since the calves hold your weight all day and get activated with every step you take, it takes significantly more stimulation to force them to grow. I created this high-rep, quick-paced, three-exercise calf workout to shake my lower legs out of their complacency.

It’s a grinder of the first order, but my calves have grown tremendously. I brought them up from a weak point to a strong point with this workout alone.


There are two muscles in the calf: the gastrocnemius and the soleus, each of which is best trained form a specific position. As I explained in “Six Major Mistakes Limiting Your Calf Growth,” both muscles need equal attention to produce noticeable growth.

This training protocol includes a specific lift for each muscle, then a third exercise to finish them both off at the same time.



If growing your calves is a priority, perform this routine twice a week. Your muscles can take it if you can! You can expect to be sore for 2-3 days afterward, so programming it properly is crucial.

One option is to start your leg workout with this routine. Sure, you won’t be able to move as much weight in your squats and leg presses afterward, but this type of “priority training” is a great way to spur growth where you need it most.

If your leg day is too important to tamper with, try pairing this routine with a noncompeting muscle group workout, like those I detailed in the videos “5 Moves to Massive Pecs,” “5 Moves to Mile-Wide Lats,” or “5 Moves to Massive Shoulders.” But make no mistake: Wherever you put it, this routine won’t be easy. It will hurt, but it will give you results!

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