My New Science-Based Full Body Workout For Pure Bodybuilding


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This video shows one workout from the full body version of the program. There is also a push/pull/legs version and upper/lower version available!

I specifically designed this program to MAXIMIZE muscle growth and over the course of the next several months we will use brand-new exercises, intensity techniques, and cues you’ve never heard of before, based on the latest hypertrophy science.

All of the popular “bro” bodybuilding programs lack scientific structure and most of the other “science-based” programs on the market are repetitive and boring. This is the only program I’ve ever seen that combines the best of both worlds. It has the enjoyment of field-tested “bro” techniques and uses science-based training methods that actually work.

I want this program to get you better results than any program you’ve ever run, regardless of your current training status.

This is the ONLY program I’ve ever released that is 100% focused on pure bodybuilding and it’s also the program I’ve put the most effort into making (by far).

This isn’t a generic powerlifting program. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill fitness routine. This is PURE BODYBUILDING.

Learn more here:

In this short, I’m showing an example of a workout from the full body version of the program:

1. Cross-Body Lat Pull-Arounds: 3×10-12
2. Low Incline Smith Machine Press: 3×8-10
3. Machine Hip Adduction: 3×10-12
4. Leg Press: 3×8
5. Lying Paused Rope Facepull: 3×10-12
6. Cable Crunch: 3×10-12

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