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Fourth Frontier
Fourth Frontier

The world’s first and only consumer wearable that allows you to record high-quality ECG in real-time for up to 24hrs during any activity.

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Forget heart rate monitors and smart watches

Frontier X2 uses revolutionary technology that tracks every rhythm of your heart, delivering personalized insights that help you build your strongest heart.

And with Frontier X, stay on top of your heart health with the more affordable version of the world’s first smart heart monitor.

Strengthen & protect your heart

Strengthen & protect your heart

Monitor your heart rate and ECG continuously while you’re on the move to get deeper, more meaningful insight into your heart health. Get clarity on whether your lifestyle is actually helping improve your heart health.

Train hard, train safe

Train hard, train safe

Get real-time feedback on your heart health when you are pushing yourself the hardest, so you can avoid overstraining your heart. Confidently pursue the activities and lifestyle you love, without fear or uncertainty.

Share continuous ECG data in real-time

Share continuous ECG data in real-time with your loved ones

You can choose to securely live-stream your ECG to anyone, anywhere in the world, or share an easy-to-read PDF version of your entire ECG data with friends and family.

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