Samson Dauda Details a Full Day of Eating 8 Weeks Before 2023 Mr. Olympia

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“The Nigerian Lion” is tailoring his diet to make another push for the title.

Bodybuilder Samson Dauda started the 2023 competitive season with his first professional win, capturing the 2023 Arnold Classic title in March. That victory secured his qualification to compete in the 2023 Mr. Olympia contest taking place in Orlando, FL the weekend of Nov 2-5.

The ’23 Olympia will be Dauda’s second appearance at the sport’s tentpole contest, having placed sixth in his 2022 debut. Based on a video Dauda posted to his YouTube channel on Sept. 6, 2023, he’s dialing in every detail to capitalize on the upcoming competition. Dauda took the time to explain a full day of his nutrition as the contest looms.

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Dauda introduced the video, stating the he woke up shortly before filming and had already completed a 15-minute cardio workout. He was looking forward to a breakfast to boost his energy and mood.

Meal 1

Dauda began his day drinking a hearty protein shake while eating a plate of scrambled eggs. He clarified that he eats similar foods during both his offseason and contest prep diets, but reduces the portion size as contests approach. This will naturally reduce his overall calorie intake. In the offseason, Dauda explained that he also has protein shakes between meals for additional calories.

Meal 2

  • 250 grams (one cup) baked sweet potato
  • 200 grams (seven ounces) steak

While getting the meal onto his plate, Dauda explained that he cooks multiple portions in advance and freezes them for convenience. That allows him to simply defrost and heat his necessary food with minimal prep time. This sweet potato and steak meal was one example of a “heat and eat” meal.

Meal 3 — Pre-Workout Meal

  • 250 grams (one cup) spaghetti
  • 180 grams (6.3 ounces) 95% lean ground beef

As he prepared for a leg workout, Dauda fueled up with a solid food meal while preparing two shakes to take to the gym — one intended to maximize the muscular pump during the session and another to replenish his exhausted muscles immediately afterward.

Dauda clarified that his personal preference was to eat his pre-training meal as close to the workout as possible, occasionally eating at the gym’s reception counter right before training. While other lifters more commonly leave time to digest before attacking an intense training session, the Arnold champ and Olympia contender has clearly found a formula that works for himself.

During Training

  • One scoop pre-workout mix
  • One scoop intra-workout mix (powdered carbohydrates and BCAAs)

Post-Workout Shake

  • Two scoops whey protein powder, one scoop cyclic dextrin (powdered carbohydrates)
  • One banana

The workout was shown in a montage without providing the exact sets and reps performed. Dauda was shown completing a variety of leg curls, supersets of hack squats and leg extensions, and Smith machine squats.

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Meal 4

  • Two cups white rice
  • 250 grams (8.8 ounces) grilled chicken breast
  • Vegetables

After returning from the gym, Dauda heated his next solid meal. Again, he relied on the convenience of reheating previously cooked foods — rice and chicken — this time adding an unmeasured but ample side of vegetables. Dauda said he was looking forward to eating this post-workout meal quickly so he could then take a nap, which he said was essential for muscle growth.

“That’s how you grow, baby. Train, eat, sleep, train again. Recovery means growth and, as we’ve all seen, I grow in prep. As long as you’re breaking down muscle and muscle’s recovering, it’s growing. Simple trick for you all. Don’t believe that, just because you’re prepping, it means you can’t grow muscle.”

Meal 5

  • One and a half cups white rice
  • 250 grams (8.8 ounces) grilled chicken breast

For his next feeding, Dauda repeated his previous meal with slight adjustments. He decreased the rice to reduce his carbohydrates, reasoning that they’re not as necessary since he’s further removed from the workout. He also omitted the vegetable because, as he frankly admitted, he ran out.

Meal 6

  • 180 grams (6.4 ounces) salmon

Dauda ended his day with a simple meal of salmon. He took the opportunity to cook several pieces as once, prepping in bulk for the coming days, before eating one piece immediately.

Before Dauda can claim the title of Mr. Olympia, he’ll have to battle on stage against defending champion Hadi Choopan, 2022 runner-up Derek Lunsford, and a lineup of formidable competitors. If he continues improving on the size, shape, and symmetry he presented at the Arnold Classic, Dauda could make the contest a tight race.

Featured Image: SAMSON DAUDA / YouTube

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