Am I too LEAN at 10 weeks out? (Natural Bodybuilding)


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Why am I so lean at 10 weeks out as a natural bodybuilder? 🔪

I have a few people asking me why I started my bodybuilding comp prep at around 50 weeks out and that I’m too lean…

Well if you’ve never competed before, there is no such thing as being too lean!

When it comes to competing, majority of the time, people just don’t get lean enough.

When you’re not an enhanced athlete, we don’t have anything to help us cut weight, we’re not eating as many calories because we just don’t have as much muscle, and your starting weight will most likely see you losing more than 10kg+.

But even though I started at around 50 weeks out, I haven’t been in a deficit the entire time.

The reason why we’ve prepped ahead of time is just to ensure our weight loss is on track because losing that last bit of body fat is always the hardest.

Weight loss is very unpredictable, so if you can be ahead of time, this can ensure we don’t suffer too much by having to drop calories super low and do a crazy amount of cardio, and we can have more maintenance phases inside of that to ensure we’re maintaining as much muscle as possible because muscle loss is inevitable while trying to reach an extremely low body fat.

This season I’m aiming to become a professional natural bodybuilder… But not for some noble cause. It’s just for bragging rights 🤣

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