BREAKDANCING & FOOD | Urs Kalecinski | Fouad Abiad’s Real Bodybuilding Podcast Ep.136


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Urs Kalecinski joins the Real Bodybuilding Podcast episode 136 to discuss how he grew up, competing at the highest level and his love for food and breakdancing.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro, Roman’s predicition, sudden popularity, leaving home.

06:13 – Clearing up the rumors. Breakdancing.

11:11 – Brothers inspiration. Being fat. Getting girls.

14:48 – Moving from home.

16:46 – First competition. Loving classic. Taking a look at his IG.

25:11 – Time in Switzerland. Fuck it mentality.

28:15 – Visiting the US. Ranch dressing.

30:47 – Suffering during a diet. Offseason process.

32:30 – Being the Shadow.

36:45 – First year as a pro. The Olympia. Pressures of competing.

43:53 – Money and competition. Building a brand.

47:09 – The girlfriend. Relationships.

51:36 – Parents.

52:53 – The Arnolds. Improvements. Coaching strategy.

1:00:00 – Do Classic competitors work as hard as Open competitors?

1:02:52 – Urs final comments.

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