Bodybuilding Diet Macronutrients In Hindi | Body Transformation Lesson 4


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👉My Cutting Workout Plan:

👉My Bulking Workout Plan:

👉 How To Calculate Maintenance Calories:

👉 How To Make A Diet Plan According To Macros:

👉 Body recomposition Explained:

In this video coach, Yash Sharma explains how many macronutrients i.e. how much grams of protein, fats, and carbohydrates you should consume every day according to your body * goals.

Let’s take a guy named Baman whose weight is 75 Kg.

Step 1: Find out Baman’s maintenance calories

👉 His maintenance is 2200

Step 2: Decide the goal & the calories

👉 For Lean Bulking: Eat 300 Cals In Surpluus

👉 For Bear Mode Bulking: Eat 500-700 Cals in Suplus

👉 For Fat Loss: Eat In A Deficit Of 500 Cals

👉 For Body Recomposition: Eat At Mainteance

Baman decides to do lean bulking, for which he will consume 2200+300 i.e. 2500 cals every day.

Step 3: Divide 2500 cals in Protein, Carbs & Fats

👉 Protein should be 2.2g per Kg bodyweight

👉 20-30% of 2500 calories should come from fats

👉 Remaining Calories Will Be Allocated To Carbohydrates


Q1 Should you count protein in vegetables, roti, rice etc?
Ans: Yes! But aim to get 70% protein from protein-rich foods such as whey protein, chicken, eggs, soya etc.

Q2 Fats need to be 20-30% of calories. So how much exactly should you pick?
Ans: It Depends! If you select a higher % of fats (let’s say 30%) in your diet, you will have less calories left for carbs. If you select lower % of fats (let’s say 20%) in your diet, you will have more calories left for carbs.

In my experience, if you are a person with lots of movement in your daily life. Go for lower fat, higher carbs. This also works for people who have been athletic in their childhood as their bodies are better in using carbs.

Q3 Does the numbers change for cutting?
Ans: Yes! The steps will remain the same. But the amount of protein, fats and carbs will be slightly modified.

👉Protein should be increased to prevent muscle loss. So protein will be 2.3-2.5g per Kg/
👉 Fats will be 15-25%
👉 Remaining calories will come from carbs.

In this video Coach Yash Sharma explains calories, macronutrients and how to make your own diet in Hindi. Calories are a unit of energy which fuels our body to survive, workout and do daily activities. protein, fats and carbohydrates are the 3 main macronutrients from which Human body gets fuel. 1g Protein has 4 calories, 1g fats has 9 calories, 1g carb has 4 calories. In this video you will learn how to make your own diet plan for fat loss, diet for bulking and diet for body recomposition. If you want to get lean, build muscles or do a body transformation this video will teach the step by step for making the necessary nutrition plan.

Yash Sharma is a former state-level footballer. Now a Fitness- Coach, Author & YouTuber. He has 8 years of experience in strength training and transformed over 100 clients. He aims to educate people about fitness and help them achieve their best version. Yash Sharma Body transformation has inspired lakhs of people to work on themselves, work hard and achieve their goals. This channel aims to provide you with the best exercise science knowledge combined with actionable Yash Sharma Motivation.

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