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Formulated For You—for too long, the fitness space has been dominated by men—not anymore! We believe fitness is a space for women to look and feel their best—strong, confident, and healthy. Our products were specifically designed for you to conquer your goals with ease and never look back.

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Build Your Back and Biceps with Lais DeLeon

It’s essential to make sure you contract your back muscles on the way up and control the weight as you lower back down.”
— Lais DeLeon
Sculpt lean, strong arms and seriously powerful curves with this quick and effective back and biceps workout from fitness model Lais DeLeon.

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A Woman’s Guide To Setting “SMART” Goals

Mark your goal deadline on your calendar, tell a friend, or post it on your Facebook page. Declaring it publicly will hold you accountable!
— Jessie Hilgenberg
Ambitious goals are a dime a dozen this time of year. Is your approach to yours setting you up to fail? Three successful women and athletes give you their hard-learned lessons!

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Products You May Like

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