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The reason I made this one is because I was fed up seeing vegan meal prep saying they were high protein and ended up with 100g a day. Also, too many videos have meal preps that the average working person won’t want to make. We don’t want to spend 3 hours in the kitchen, we don’t want to have an extensive shopping list that’s both complicated and expensive.

We want meals that will help is smash our goals, be cheap and easy!

Thanks everyone for watching. I cooked all this separately to manage filming and enable me to edit this so you could see one meal at a time. Separately this took around 1hr 15 but all together does take 30 mins.

Meal 1
60g oats
40g Peanut butter
50g Pea Protein Isolate
956 Calories and 65g Protein.

Meal 2
300g Broccoli
120g Kidney Beans
340 Tofu
405 Calories and 41g Protein

Meal 3
150g Red Split Lentils
120g Kidney Beans
15g Olive Spread
Can add vegetable stock cube too
680 Calories and 44g Protein

Meal 4
250g Edamame
2/3 Can of chopped Tomatoes
Mushroom / Left over Veg
556 Calories and 35g Protein

Meal 5
50g Pea Protein
170 Calories and 35g Protein

Daily Total
2,767 Calories
220g Protein
£6.49 per day which divided over the 4 meals is £1.62 average cost per meal

Some people will say that 220g of protein is too much. This is a trending topic in the bodybuilding nutrition world. It started from a study done on rats where the increased protein did nothing and this study is always use as an argument for lower protein needs. I don’t understand how you could compare a rat to a human who is building muscle.
Let’s say that in this meal plan we take out the last protein shake and swap if for a pack of Oreo’s. The protein count could would drop and nobody will bat an eyelid. As soon as you increase the protein, it triggers people. It’s something that has never made sense to me.
Another argument is that it can cause damage to the liver. This is only true for existing liver issues but if you are a healthy, normal person with a suctioning liver, it will do absolutely no harm.
When undergoing body recomposition, you need more protein anyway. As well as those times you are on a cut. Another point is that protein is a key part in muscle growth so why not push it and get extra to cover your bases. I’ve made crazy progress having a high protein intake and have done my homework on this.

The internet is a powerful tool and the education is all readily available. Don’t listen to a random person on reddit, Youtube or the guy at the gym. Do the research yourself and you’ll likely dispel a lot of Bro Gym Myths!

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