7 At Home Chest Exercises for Mass | Troy Adashun of SuperHuman You


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This workout uses 7 of my favorite chest exercises that you can do with no equipment, from the convenience of your own home to target your upper chest all the way down to your lower chest.
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00:00 – Intro
01:30 – Push-Up AMRAP
05:25 – Book Squeeze Press
07:18 – Decline Push-Up
09:06 – Incline Slow-Mo Push-up
10:05- Tension Push-Up
11:08 – Sliding Chest Fly
12:20 – Upper Chest Isometric Hold
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| Troy Adashun’s 7 At Home Chest Exercises for Mass |
1. 1 Pushup superset until failure (regular and knees on ground back to back)
2. Book squeeze press for 2 sets. Aim for 45 seconds time under tension.
3. Decline pushups for AMRAP for 2-3 sets. rest times less than 60 seconds.
4. Incline slow-mo pushups for AMRAP for 2-3 sets. rest times less than 60 seconds.
5. Tension pushups for AMRAP for 2-3 sets. rest times less than 60 seconds.
6. Sliding chest fly for AMRAP for 2 sets. rest times less than 60 seconds
7. Upper chest Isometric hold followed by lower chest isometric hold. (back to back)


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