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Hey what’s up guys so this is the most demanding video by each subscriber.

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Dropping a highly anticipated INDIA SPECIFIC FITNESS video today! So for some reason a full day of eating video has been requested more than any other. Now that you guys know what a indian diet looks like, Here’s my meals for everyday. This applies to all Indian men and boys. If you’re a female viewer, remember, our bodies are virtually the same. The same diet WILL apply to you, with a slight reduction in overall macros. I wanted to show you guys how to LOOK AT YOUR FOOD. I’m not one of those guys who counts carb and fat macros, but I make sure I’m certain with my protein NUMBERS. Because as a GYMMER, its THAT important. The rule of thumb is to keep a track of your protein intake ALWAYS, even if you make rough estimates of the other two. I’m gonna show you what diet I take everyday. Enjoy this video 🙂

I’ll be making more videos of workout, meals, unique aesthetic stuff etc.
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